Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 03/20/2018.
Site Name: Veteran’s Creek Natural Area.
Number of hours worked: 1.
Field notes:

I entered Veteran’s Creek Natural Area at the Mt. Scott Blvd entrance. Right at the entrance a gardening company has nailed an advertisement sign for their company to a tree. Up the dirt road leading into the natural area, near the entrance next to the apartments, somebody has dumped a couple bags of trash. Further up the dirt road on the left someone has planted a number of house plants and added accent lighting. They threw the empty flower pots over the side of the hill along with a beer can. And in the woods at the eastern end of the natural area along the creek is an illegal campsite that I first reported on the 9th of March. I reported the tent’s location again today. On a brighter note the trillium is starting to bloom in the woods here and it was a beautiful day to enjoy Veteran’s Creek.

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