Date of volunteer work: 03/19/2018.
Site Name: Tideman/Johnson.
Number of hours worked: 1.5.
Field notes:

I parked in the lot and headed west on the Springwater. Before I got to Tideman/Johnson, I noticed a few freshly fallen trees to the right of the trail in, or just by, the creek. I headed down to investigate and saw lots of debris collecting under the overpass (photo). Back on the Springwater, I headed to the side path to the Tideman/Johnson area. Happy to report the trash had been cleared from the last time I was there. I walked through the area where a lot of the Watershed Wide plants had been planted and saw lots of little, green, leafy things emerging. Since I was at a different location during that event, I’m not 100% sure what everything that was planted is just yet. About four Vendange 500ml Merlot containers were in the marshy area (maybe it will keep the invasive impatiens from growing?) but I was unable to get them out. I continued up and out of this area and went down to the lower path by the creek. The one camp I reported on March 6th was still there. If it’s still there next time I go, I’ll report it again. There was one small area along that path that had “something” going on but I’m not sure if it was a small amount of trash or a tiny tent, or what, and I didn’t feel comfortable getting any closer to investigate. Overall, the site had minimal, noticeable trash. There were a lot of birds but the only one I recognized was the sound of a hummingbird, and later, an eagle flying overhead!

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