Date of volunteer work: 09/06/2018.
Site Name: Johnson Creek Park (east and west).
Number of hours worked: 1.5.
Field notes:

I was reluctant to go to the east side after the tripwire incident, but went anyway. I headed on the pathleading north but stopped short only a little way in. I could see in the distance a large, plastic trash bag (which I left) that looked full and something I couldn’t make out beyond. I wasn’t feeling it so headed the other direction. I went to the path by the horse chestnut and headed to the creek. I surprised a young man who was laying on his side and was a bit hidden off the path. I won’t even venture to say what that was all about. Although there was the bag of trash, the east side looked free of any campers. I did not go into the open area to the north as it is still quite overgrown and everything was starting to creep me out. I headed to the west where it was surprisingly empty. The Dutchman camper van has made its rotation back. I reported it. The little peninsula area is becoming a receptacle for human waste, unfortunately, particularly since there is a bathroom close by. The Crystal Springs side has gotten quite narrow from fallen branches and vegetation and yet the water manages to get through. Two guys with buckets were walking through Johnson Creek looking for signs of life in the water. As you can see by the attached photo, I interrupted Arthur and his alone time in the creek. All in all it was beautiful to be down by the water.

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