Date of volunteer work: 08/10/2018.
Site Name: Tideman Johnson.
Number of hours worked: 0.45.
Field notes:

Vandalism would have to be today’s theme and must have happened in just the last few days since I was just there the other day. The observation area, before the side path to Tideman Johnson, has been hacked even more (I believe I mentioned in a previous entry that there is a rotted board at the same area). The black chain link fence post nearby, and on the opposite side of the Springwater, has been damaged to the point that the post is exposed and loose. Someone is digging footholds on the steep man made path leading towards the creek. The rail in the boardwalk area that was kicked to smithereens is scheduled to be repaired, and as I was walking by, I noticed another one that I thought looked rotten and should probably be replaced. Unbelievably, on my way back about a half hour later, someone had kicked that one and broke it too!!! Also, another fence post has been damaged and split. I went down towards the creek and on the way back noticed some guy I hadn’t seen on my way down. I’m not sure if he’d been camping down there or what, but he climbed his way up to the Springwater on another man made path. I went up to the upper bridge hoping to see deer or coyote but nope, that guy was up there on the ledge at a tree collecting small branches??? I was trying to discreetly look over, but that didn’t work. He went back down the way he came and I could hear him chopping away at…??? Well, this wasn’t the way I thought the visit would go. I did hear a hawk and saw some bunnies so it wasn’t all bad.

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