Date of volunteer work: 08/28/2018.
Site Name: Tideman/Johnson/JCP/Brannen.
Number of hours worked: 2.0.
Field notes:

I started at Tideman/Johnson on 2/27 in the morning. The camp beyond the round cement thing that I reported is still there, plus there was some folded up camping gear in a new location. I made my way down the path to the racquetball courts and saw yet another patch of purple loosestrife creekside behind the east end of the building. That stuff is on the move. Today I went to JCP on the west side. The fence at the Sherrett end of the park has been partially knocked over. There is a camp (reported) on the east side of JCP that can be seen from the far south end of the west side. It is right on the creek. Next stop was the Brannen Property and beyond. After nearly nine months of waiting, I saw lots of little fish (no idea what kind and my camera couldn’t get a good picture), and one big one, while looking down into Crystal Springs from Tacoma on the north side. Exciting!!!!

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