Sue Hayes

Date of volunteer work: 03/16/2016.
Site Name: Johnson Creek Park.
Number of hours worked: 1.45.
Species removed: clematis.
Estimated percent cover before removal60.
Approximate square feet of invasives removed6.

I started at the north end of the park with the intention of checking on previously yellow flagged fig buttercup. I removed and bagged flowers and buds and flagged more all the way to the springwater trail overpass. i’m out of flags but will make contact to get more.

I stopped at three different areas and pulled clematis from 1) a fallen tree, 2) out of a white flagged tree (possibly vine maple?) and 3) red flowering currant (? I think). At one spot clematis was pulling one of the white flagged trees over. I’d forgotten my clippers so when I go back I need to deal with that tangled mess at the base.

I brought two bags for trash removal and filled both.

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