Volunteer Appreciation on the Butte

It sure was swell to see you all last weekend! Thanks for coming so we could appreciate you, all of your work that keeps the Council pumping, and see your faces (under the masks). 

So what happened?

We met on Powell butte and had a restoration tours from former Parks Ecologist Mart Hughes, a lichen walk with Executive Director Daniel Newberry, and a geology walk from Board Chair Emeritus Melanie Klym.

Afterwards we shared some haikus and gave out raffle prizes- hoodies, trucker hats, mugs, totes, Columbia gear and a gift basket from the staff. What a great excuse to see each other! Thanks for coming to be in community with us and see you soon for a new year of restoring the creek together!

Here are a few haikus from the day, written by our lovely volunteers:

By Anna P.

Lichen seen today:

yellow, green, pixie, oak moss.

On Powell Butte sought.

By Anonymous:

True living water

without it-no one can live

heal the creek and life.

By Melanie:

Many lichen friends

Johnson Creek geology

coming together

By Lynn:

Beavers are the best

Beaver dams making wetlands

cooling the planet

By Moss: (not really a haiku but that’s ok)

Birdie, birdie, in the snow

it broke its wing and couldn’t go

I help it with a piece of bread

and petted his little head!

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