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Family and Teacher Resources for Students

Lent K-8 School at Leach Botanical Garden We are all stuck at home trying to entertain ourselves during this current health crisis and for some parents/teachers, they are tasked with engaging large amounts of young students while trying to stay sane.  Below is a list of environmental education and COVID-19 resources that the Johnson Creek […]

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Social Distancing with a side of Garlic Mustard

Dakota Tangredi, Marissa Eckman, Jessica Huang, Abby Kaplan, Drew Donahue, and Noah Jenkins getting ready for their first garlic mustard field day while maintaining 6 feet As most of our volunteer events have been canceled due to the current health crisis, this, unfortunately, does not cancel invasive species that have been overrunning Johnson Creek Watershed. […]

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Annual Celebration postponed to Oct 13

Dear Friends of Johnson Creek Watershed Council, As you’ve probably guessed, we will not be holding our 25th Anniversary Celebration in late May, our usual time for the Annual Celebration.  Our new date is Tuesday, October 13, again at Kaul Auditorium at Reed College.  We’ll touch base with you in mid-summer to to confirm that […]

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What’s That Weed?

Invasive: Hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) Video field exploration This month’s weed is less of a threat to natural areas than many featured weeds–though it does show up there–but is one that is very common in urban yards, to the great chagrin of gardeners. Hairy bittercress is a short (usually < 15 cm, or 6″) annual […]

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