Carole Miles

Date of volunteer work: 07/21/2018.
Site Name: Powell Butte Nature Park.
Number of hours worked: 1.75.
Field notes:

Entered park from conduit lane off Anderegg loop, walked the wildhorse trail and the summit loop. The Oxeye daisy and grasses so prevalent last month are waning and the tansy ragwort and thistles (both creeping thistle and bull thistle, I think) have taken over. I’ve posted several plants on inaturalist including pearly everlasting, tarweeds, goldenrod, moth mullein, and slender clarkia. Saw and heard lots of birds that I wish I could have identified…fairly certain of seeing the following: mourning dove, robin, thrush (of some kind), and warbler (of some kind). Really need to work on bird ID! Spotted one black tailed deer in the upper meadow south of summit loop.

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