Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 07/21/2018.
Site Name: Indian Creek Natural Areas.
Number of hours worked: 1.
Field notes:

I started at the grassy area next to Indian Creek this morning. A shopping cart and bucket was left there so I figured there could be illegal campers in the area.
As I crossed the nearly dry creek bed I noticed large rocks that I usually use to cross the creek had been moved and someone had dug holes there. I assume it was one of the gem/rock collector’s I’ve seen digging there before.
I followed the trail to the top of the falls and was suprised to see somebody had picked up some of the trash that had been there last visit. That never happens here. Unfortunately there was new trash in its place. An empty beer case and broken bottles and garbage strewn along and in the creek just above the falls.
I proceeded to follow the trails SW from the creek and came upon fresh used toilet paper on the trail and the remnant’s of where someone had a fire burning recently.
As I continued on the trail, near where there has been some ivy removal done, I heard some russling ahead of me. I looked up and saw a man about 10 feet up a tree next to the trail. Aware that I spotted him he said, “These trees are hard to climb. I think I can swing on these”, as he pulled on the hanging ivy. What he was doing up the tree at 9am I dont know. Obviously a street person, I said to be careful and went back the way I came. I didn’t see a tent but it looked like there was stuff back in the bushes there.
I continued to the center of the natural area where I spotted a coyote moving through the trees. He saw me too so we both watched each other for awhile till he got bored and disappeared into the brush.
I passed more piles of used toilet paper and ended up in the flat clearing next to the boulders, just south of the main trail leading into Indian Creek.
While standing next to the boulders there a man suddenly stood up from behind the other side of the boulder startling me. I nervously laughed and said, “You startled me”! He gave me a dirty look and said nothing. As he stood up he was pulling up his pants. I don’t know if he was camping behind the boulder or pooping. I did see his bicycle next to a nearby tree. Obviously another street person so I quickly departed the area and left Indian Creek.

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