Big New Grant for Fish Passage and Habitat Restoration

Four Councils Working Together

We are excited to announce that the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board has awarded nearly $3.5 million in restoration funding to the Clackamas Partnership, of which JCWC is a core partner. This is a two-year grant, and additional funding is expected in the subsequent four years (total of $8.7M, of which about $650k is for JCWC projects). Funding in this grant for JCWC includes several fish passage and habitat improvement projects and a stormwater planning project.  The Clackamas Partnership was formed to restore native fish populations in the Clackamas, Abernathy, Mt. Scott-Kellogg, Johnson Creek and several other smaller watersheds that drain into the Willamette River from Johnson Creek to Willamette Falls.  Anadromous fish that spawn in this area are known as the “Clackamas Population” of the Lower Columbia, per the Endangered Species Act.

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