Welcome, Chuck!

Chuck recently joined the Johnson Creek Watershed Council as the Restoration Project Manager.  A University of Idaho grad (B.S. Fisheries, ’93; M.S. Wildlife, ’96) Chuck brings 21 years of experience in protecting and restoring floodplain and estuarine habitats, with special emphasis on fish passage design.  From site selection and project initiation to project design on through construction and final inspection, he is intimately familiar with developing and implementing successful aquatic restoration projects.  

His expertise includes restoration of historic floodplain/estuary condition, restoration with adaptive management to accommodate management or exclusion of invasive species, replication of natural wetland hydrologic functions where floodplain function cannot be restored, and addressing fish passage needs.  Chuck also has considerable experience restoring habitats to address specific needs of rare amphibians and reptiles, including projects that were designed for western pond turtles and red-legged frogs.  Working with Oregon State University, he also initiated and led a regional fisheries monitoring program that produced the most complete ecological assessment of juvenile salmonid use of floodplain habitats to date.  These works focused on monitoring how and when juvenile salmonids seek to utilize off-channel habitats to better understand key restoration design factors.  

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