Jul 2, 2020

T-Shirt Art Contest

T-Shirt Art Contest For Johnson Creek’s 13th Annual Creek Clean-Up

Deadline: Sunday July 26th at 12:00am – midnight

WHAT: In August every year, community volunteers remove around 5 tons of garbage from Johnson Creek! Volunteers sport matching t-shirts designed by a community artist! We want to use YOUR art on the t-shirts! The winning art piece will be worn by volunteers and featured on Facebook and Instagram. 

WHEN:  Deadline to submit artwork is July 26th at midnight. 

The public will be able to vote on their favorite piece between Monday, July 27 to Wednesday, July 29.

The final winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 5 

WHERE:  Email your application to [email protected], have questions? Email [email protected], or call 503-652-7477 ext 101.


  1. Related to the spirit of the Johnson Creek Clean-Up event (see below for resources)

2. Art theme: Connection between the human and natural worlds 

3. In PDF, PSD, Ai, tiff, or illustrator format. (quality images are also acceptable) 

4. 300 dpi resolution (This means use thick lines!)

5. Suitable for a black/white printing

Explore these links below to gain some inspiration and learn more about this event.


Any medium can be used as long as the guidelines above are followed! This can include but is not limited to pen and paper, graphic design applications, paint, linoleum or woodblock cuttings, etc. 

Here are the designs that have won in the past: 

2019 design winner: Della James

2018 design winner: Cassidy Marotta